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Seminar Programme


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Opening address

Alan Murray (BSIF)

How mis-understandings of common PPE standards puts workers at risk

Martin Lill (Lakeland)

EN standards for PPE have now been with us for almost 30 years. Yet how many people actually read them? There are common examples where assumptions, mis-understandings and misinterpretations of standards lead to situations where protection may not not as it should be, and workers are put at risk. This presentation explains, using examples from protective clothing for both hazardous chemicals and viral hazards – critical for the next pandemic whenever it comes.


Managing EHS capabilities: Competence, culture and confidence

Chris Gordon, Director - Industrial PPE (RS Safety Solutions)

In this seminar, Chris delves into one of the standout themes from RS's 2024 Health and Safety report, Striving for Excellence.

Most businesses are confident in the capabilities of their environmental, health and safety (EHS) teams and the wider health and safety culture. But given the high levels of workplace accidents, could this confidence be misplaced?


The introduction of AI into the world of health and safety

Jake Silvester (EcoOnline)

Join Jake in exploring and unpeeling the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices, discussing the advantages of AI and its potential as a potent force in HSE.

The conversation will start scratching the surface of the impact of AI in H&S and examine possible risks, including ethical concerns and the significance of collaboration between humans and AI. By stressing responsible assimilation, the session will present a balanced approach, harnessing the potential of AI while ensuring HSE professionals prioritize trust and transparency when utilizing AI tools.


Networking break


Adequacy of stress risk assessments

Dr Chris Davis (IOSH)

This session looks at the impact stress risk assessments can have on the workplace, and questions if they are the ideal option for an organisation to help identify and manage stress at work. Dr Chris Davis will delve deeper into how we can measure performance and the key considerations to be made for an effective stress management system.


Sustainability In Hand Protection

Karen Cresswell (Unigloves)

This seminar will delve into the environmental concerns surrounding traditional glove materials in the hand protection industry. With our globe facing a plastic crisis, this session highlights the critical need for sustainable alternatives and introduces our innovative glove range that actively addresses these challenges by utilising recycled plastic. Discover the importance of adopting sustainable practices in hand protection and how our solutions contribute to a greener future.


Reducing workplace injury with ergonomic safety tech

Vera Vanstreels (Ansell)

Ansell Inteliforz Motion is the first to the world solution that helps workplaces stay ahead of ergonomic injuries by enabling teams to identify and manage workplace and individual risks before they become injuries.

* Motion delivers consistent, high-quality data that delivers ergonomic risk assessments that you can rely on.

* Ergonomists and safety leaders can reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, enabling more assessments to be completed and capturing a broader view of on-site risks.

* Motion pods can deliver haptic coaching buzzes to workers hands during the day, reminding them of specific behaviors or actions to be taken to decrease risks.

* Motions insights to departmental and individual risks help you make better decisions about MSD prevention – and our customer success model can further breakdown your data, so you feel empowered to make positive changes.


How to create a 'good practice' Driving for Work Policy

Simon Turner (Driving for Better Business)

Driving for Better Business is presenting a new online resource, completely free to use, which has the potential to deliver a huge positive impact on how employers deliver driver safety – especially those, and there are many, that currently have no driver policy at all. It will help employers create, review, store and update their own Driving for Work policy and it will cover all the key relevant risks for managing policies, drivers, vehicles and journeys. Campaign Manager Simon Turner will talk delegates through why they must legally have a policy, what a good policy looks like, and how to ensure driver engagement.




Taking the risk out of specifying PPE and Safety Equipment

Roy Wilders (BSIF)

This session will cover how specifiers and users of PPE/Safety Equipment can take steps to ensure the products they are using/specifying are compliant and conform with legislative requirements. It will also detail how using a Registered Safety Supplier can help them, through the Check, Select & Protect process.


Lessons from recent health and safety case law

Rhian Greaves (DAC Beachcroft)

In this session, Rhian Greaves will look at some of the recently decided cases to draw out themes for employers to consider as they manage their own health and safety risks. Topics to be covered will include the extent of the employer's legal duty, the importance of HSE interventions and why you should never ignore a warning.


Networking break


Health and Safety Mock Trial

Speakers TBC (DAC Beachcroft)

Join the team from DAC Beachcroft for a mock trial, which follows a forklift truck collision which leaves an employee with life changing injuries.

Examining issues including training, competence and supervision, will you decide to convict the employer, the individual manager or both?

The audience will be the jury in this interactive session based on a real-life prosecution.